Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rock Painting Get Together 2016

Hello Rock Painting World!  We are anticipating another great Rock Painting Party in June 2016!  Our theme this year will be Rockin' Flower Power!  June 10 - 11, 2016!  Amazing that this will be our 17th year to hold our Dees' Dream Rock Painters Get Together! 

We will once again have T.Joe's Welding Shop as our Studio and with added space in his new concrete floor lean-to that we added this past fall. We still have plenty of tables and will borrow chairs from our Emerald Beach Club House, unless we happen to accumulate enough chairs of our own between now and then!

We are experiencing snow on the ground, which is melting very slowly but hopefully, all this will be behind us and we will have a nice spring with lots of flowers to enjoy as well as nice warm weather too.

We are looking forward to visiting with our rock painting friends again, painting more rocks, and meeting new rock painters as well!  We already have a few newbies interested! 

For more information, feel free to pull up previous rock parties using the labels listed or contact us via email. Additional information is listed under the past rock parties and we follow almost the same agenda  each year! You can email me at or  Also, I am on Facebook under Wandra Dees.  You can also post a note here on my blog. (  I hope to be able to post more information here in the following months before the rock party in June!

Rockin' On!
Wandra and T.Joe Dees

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 Rock Painting Party

Hello from Golden Missouri, where we will be joined next weekend for another Rock Painter's Get Together at Dees' Dream!  How exciting to have our 16th year of Getting Together with Rock Painting Friends and Family!

T.Joe and I are busy trying to get Dees' Dream ready....cutting grass, trimming weeds, cleaning the 'shop'/studio to make room for tables and chairs for Rock Painting, and sharing information to all we come in contact with about our 16th Annual Rock Party!

For those who can come, you can bring your paints and brushes, and painted rocks to show and tell, and/or photos of your painted rocks. But, we will have plenty of brushes and paints for you to use if that is a problem bringing yours. 

We want to make a special photo of all our rock painters and supporters to send to DecoArt as a thank you for DecoArt furnishing special Patio Paint for us to use this year.

If you are coming and have problems finding us, please call us at 417-230-4880 or 479-426-0679 or 417-271-4281.  Our physical address is 22325 W Mockingbird Drive, Golden, Missouri 65658 and our little community is Emerald Beach.

Please check all labels to find more information about the agenda.  We will do pretty much the same as years before. 

Rockin' on!  Hope to see you soon!

Wandra and T.Joe Dees

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Rock Painting Party Golden Missouri at Dees' Dream, Table Rock Lake

It's been almost a year since I posted on this blog and now it is time to prepare for another fun Rock Party Get Together. Our dates will be June 12 - 13, 2015 with the same agenda as our previous 15 years! Yes, this will be the 16th year - Sweet 16! Our theme this year will be Rock a Bye Baby!.

When we go Rock Picking on Friday morning, we will be in search of the perfect rocks to paint our 'babies'! For those who cannot go rock picking, we will try to find as many perfect baby rocks so everyone will have a chance to make their baby rocks!

For our agenda for our two day get together, please refer to labels listed as we will follow the same agenda as previous years. There is a generalized map to give you an idea of how to get to Dees' Dream and our mailing address is 22325 W Mockingbird Drive, Golden, Missouri for those who want to follow GPS. We are in Emerald Beach if that helps.

I hope to post more information as we prepare for the Get Together. You can also see posts on Facebook, too.

Rocking On! Hope to see you there!

Wandra and T.Joe

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rock Party 2014 Coming up Soon!

Just wanted to add another note about our upcoming Rock Party for 2014. We are busy getting all fun stuff together for our Hillbillie Rock Painting Get Together! June 13 - 14, 2014. It is coming up fast! We do not have any idea how many rock painters we will have. Unfortunately, some rock painters from previous years cannot come but we would like to have an
idea for sure who might be coming!

We will probably have 2 projects to work on as well as any projects that someone might have, especially after 'picking rocks' on Friday at the Little Buffalo. We will try to gather enough rocks so that those who cannot go 'picking' might still have a few rocks to paint on!

Don't forget to bring pictures of your rocks or rocks you have to 'show off' to all. We love new ideas and inspiration!

The fee is still $10 each rock painter and for those who want to 'tag along' for the fun of it, only $5. We will have goodie bags for the painters. Hopefully, everyone will bring a finger food snack to share and maybe a bottle of water or two for all to nibble on while we paint! And, don't forget, T.Joe and son, son-in-law, or friend(s) will grill hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch on Saturday!

I'm hoping that our weather will cooperate and give us a nice sunny, but not too hot weekend to gather! We are planning to have an extension to the front of the shop in case we have an overflow of rock painters so no one will have to be 'out in the sun or weather' while we all paint!

We look forward to seeing all who are interested in painting rocks! See you soon!