Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rock Party 2014 Coming up Soon!

Just wanted to add another note about our upcoming Rock Party for 2014. We are busy getting all fun stuff together for our Hillbillie Rock Painting Get Together! June 13 - 14, 2014. It is coming up fast! We do not have any idea how many rock painters we will have. Unfortunately, some rock painters from previous years cannot come but we would like to have an
idea for sure who might be coming!

We will probably have 2 projects to work on as well as any projects that someone might have, especially after 'picking rocks' on Friday at the Little Buffalo. We will try to gather enough rocks so that those who cannot go 'picking' might still have a few rocks to paint on!

Don't forget to bring pictures of your rocks or rocks you have to 'show off' to all. We love new ideas and inspiration!

The fee is still $10 each rock painter and for those who want to 'tag along' for the fun of it, only $5. We will have goodie bags for the painters. Hopefully, everyone will bring a finger food snack to share and maybe a bottle of water or two for all to nibble on while we paint! And, don't forget, T.Joe and son, son-in-law, or friend(s) will grill hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch on Saturday!

I'm hoping that our weather will cooperate and give us a nice sunny, but not too hot weekend to gather! We are planning to have an extension to the front of the shop in case we have an overflow of rock painters so no one will have to be 'out in the sun or weather' while we all paint!

We look forward to seeing all who are interested in painting rocks! See you soon!

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  1. enjoy guys. we will be celebrating JOhn's Dad's 100th birthday. will definitely miss our annual meeting with you friends!